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Architect Horacio Perry Lince founded the firm in the city of Bogotá. With more than 40 years of experience   we have become a studio with a long history in the design and construction sector. Since 2007 with his daughter Francisca Perry who today leads the design team, we have explored different areas of architecture and whose passion for work has motivated us to research, grow and improve every day.

Our goal is to see architecture as a whole, to establish strong and clear concepts. We know that architectural solutions must have a relationship between simplicity, function and creativity.

Our premise is to consolidate ourselves in the market as a comprehensive company, with a trained team that works collaboratively and interdisciplinary, focused on a policy of improvement, empathy and continuous growth.  

Understanding that the client and the inhabitants of the projects will always be the priority for our architecture. 

Horace Perry Lynx

He graduated in architecture from the Pilot University of Bogotá in 1976, since then he began his independent professional practice in the company of his brother Efraín, at Perry Lince y Cia until 1991. Later he continued with the Perry Bagés company until 1999; From that year on, she works at the current firm with her daughter.


From a very young age he has been an architect passionate about his profession. With 40 years of experience, he has never stopped exploring and participating in important projects, mainly in Bogotá, Colombia.

Florero de madera
Florero de madera

Francisca Perry Bagés

Architect from the Universidad de los Andes de Bogotá (2007), she has worked at Horacio Perry Arquitectos since shortly before graduating. Working in his father's company has given him the opportunity to grow rapidly within the architecture sector. Currently

Leads the Design department.


Andrea Contreras

Juan David Garcia T.

Ivan Ricardo Rodriguez

Frederick Baptist

Matthew Mancera R.

Albert Avendano

Robert Rocha

Jhon Fredy Giraldo N

Sofia Meza Mesa

Manuel Antonio Mendez

Oscar Camilo Ramirez

Nelson Saldarriaga

Jair Enrique Velasquez

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