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In Horacio Perry Lince Architects we believe that each project is a world apart. That is why we each work in a PERSONALIZED and SPECIAL way .

Even so, if you want to know more about our processes in detail, this is the main scheme that we normally follow in our projects:

  1. Tell us about your project

  2. We identify and analyze the type of project

  3. We present you a proposal with scope, fees and working times

  4. We agree, sign a contract and start working together!



You are part of the project! 

We like to meet permanently with you, discuss, propose, listen to you and reach the best solution according to our

EXPERIENCE   and your needs.

(Depending on the type of project, some of these points apply or not)

  1.  We present the architectural design proposal and construction.

  2. we make adjustments

  3. We agree on definitive architectural design.

  4. We coordinate the corresponding technical studies.

  5. Fulfilled the previous points and obtained the required licenses, we begin the execution of work.

  6. We hold regular meetings with you to review all areas.

  7. We keep you informed and you participate in important decisions (relevant adjustments on site, selection of finishes, furniture if applicable, among others).

  8. Once the work is finished, we give you a PROJECT MANUAL, with all the corresponding information: architectural plans, technical plans, technical sheets, contractor contacts, among others.

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