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  • Fernada Perry

Palmaluna, apartments in Chía

Last year we completed a project of 80 apartments in the center of Chia, Cundinamarca, a small city near Bogota, which we designed and built.

Its name "Palmaluna" is product of the combination between the "palm" that literally is in the garden of the residential condo and that is native of the place; This one was respected placing the project strategically to conserve it, and "moon" that comes from the meaning that has the word "Chía" in the language of the first inhabitants of this municipality, The Muiscas.

The project consists of 4 towers of 20 apartments each. The first two are connected by bridges and share the fixed point of elevators and stairs; The third and fourth towers are mirror of the first two.

The design of the project allows all the apartments to have natural light, ventilation and also takes advantage of the country setting. They are apartments from 452 to 871 ft2, all with balcony, parking and storage.

The project has common areas that make the life of its inhabitants very pleasant as a park, communal lounge and gym.

Details such as exposed concrete walls and warm lighting complement the project by making it special and enhancing its surroundings.

Photos: Carlos Henao

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