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A representative place

In 2014 we designed and built the "Training and Business Center" for Davivienda Bank in team with architect Patricia Fabre. Located in Bogota´s downtown, on the 34th floor of the old Bancafé´s Tower and with a 11,300 ft2 area, the purpose of this space is to receive the most important clients of the Bank and hold meetings, conferences and events thanks to its versatility.

Understanding the need of our client, we worked concepts such as breadth, sobriety, efficiency, technology and professionalism and the result, is the most representative space that the Bank has today.

The entrance to the project immediately highlights the corporate image of the Bank, with the logo in stainless steel fixed on a floating concrete wall, on a "red Davivienda" color glass wall.

The waiting rooms were designed to comfortably accommodate not only important visitors but also impressive works of art that deserve spaces where they can show off their beauty and be admired by those who visit the place.

Technology is a very important element for this project. All the rooms have high-tech video and audio systems, which allow conferences to be developed efficiently and with high professional level.

The materials and furniture chosen were the appropriate ones to give the correct touch to dress the spaces in a pleasant and consistent way, maintaining the corporate image of this type of Bank offices.

We are happy to continue working with Davivienda Bank. We will soon show the progress of the project we are currently developing with this important client.

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