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  • Fernada Perry

Mountain Respect

This house in a mountain near Bogotá, is designed and built to become part of it and for its inhabitants to enjoy and admire from every corner.

The facades of the house are made of brick covered with plaster mixed with soil taken from the excavation of the land, which gives it a look and color that play with the environment. The railings of the balconies and the pergola of the terrace are made of rusty iron and the windows and carpentry in natural wood. Special concrete elements stand out and complement the architecture of this project.

Several blocks make up the volume of the house, allowing the creation of balconies and terraces that enable easy access to the outside from multiple places such as the master bedroom, the dining room, the study, the secondary bedrooms and even from a walking closet.

The inclination of the land was a determining factor to develop the design harmoniously with the place.

Large windows integrate the interior with the exterior, they give transparency and natural light to the house from where you can admire the nature that surrounds it from any space.

The interior of the houses is totally congruent with the exterior, handling the same materiality and concept. On the second floor a bridge with iron railings connects the stairs with a study from where you can enjoy the beautiful view. This bridge passes over the living room that has double height ceiling with floor to ceiling windows, making the whole space become an element that reached the mountain without obstructing it, but on the contrary that complements it.

Photos: Carlos Henao

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