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  • Fernada Perry

And they lived happily ever after at the country house

This house we designed and built in La Calera, a town near Bogotá, represents everything that the owners wanted to have. Respecting the rules required by the country club where it is located, it has a unique and interesting character given by the volume, the use of the view and the conditions of the place.

The front facade has large gardens that make the arrival to the house pleasant and are integrated with the garages that are covered and "hidden" by a special wall that matches with the rest of the house.

The main entrance is composed of an important door preceded by a cantilevered roof made of concrete and a side garden partially covered by it. At night this ceiling has warm lighting that is complemented by indirect light niches in the side wall.

The rear facade has a wide view towards the beautiful landscape of the place using large windows that play with the volume of the house. An outside BBQ covered by a pergola connects with the kitchen and dining room. The living room and master bedroom have access to the garden.

The living room and dining room are the central axis of the house. With double height ceilings, they are very spacious spaces that invite to enjoy the surroundings. The dining room is connected to the kitchen by an inn that has the possibility of closing or opening with a sliding upper door. A study on the second floor is also connected through an inside window that can be opened or closed. The ocher color concrete walls, are repetitive elements maintaining the same language in all the house.

In the entrance hall is an interior garden that accompanies the stairs that connect with a rest on the second floor, which in turn leads to a bridge leading to the study. The skylights in the ceiling allow the natural light between, creating clear and fresh spaces. The neutral colors used in the walls, contrast harmoniously with the caramel color of the wood used in the floor.

Photos: Carlos Henao

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