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Offices, the new way of working

Architecture is constantly changing in all its branches. It is a profession completely tied to the way people live and how society interacts with spaces. There are also those who think that "the most important resource that a company has is the human", so that work spaces have been transformed enormously in recent years thanks to technology, work culture, flexibility and balance between Work and well-being that people seek in their jobs today; Companies are more and more concerned about having spaces that offer not only a striking and pleasant corporate identity but spaces where their workers feel completely comfortable and happy.

Of course this has an immediate effect on the productivity of the companies, since their employees feel comfortable and at ease in them, work with more enthusiasm and commitment, bringing better results to meet the companies' goals.

Here are some examples of office design around the world that we find interesting because they are a sample of this new way of working:


Architects: Fokkema & Partners

Open spaces, "unconventional" desks, mobile booths and coffee breaks that allow informal meetings to take place. This improves communication between people and often allows creativity to be stimulated by generating good ideas and efficient teamwork. In addition permanent contact with the products with which they work.


Architects: Fokkema & Partners

Desks where people can connect, work and leave. Without leaving aside closed offices for those who must remain all day in them and also private meeting rooms. Calling booths are also used where people can isolate themselves to make confidential or personal calls without disturbing their peers.


In this great technology company, employees are encouraged to take naps to rest and keep up with the pace of work after a power recharge. So special spaces for this purpose are found in these offices.


Architects: Those Architects

The trend of open offices is a constant regardless of the sector in which the company is located. This is because the collaborative work has proven to give excellent results, regardless of (in some cases) the rank or position of the person. There are already many companies where the General Manager sits next to the newly graduated intern.

And finally to find the balance between work and well-being, there are some offices that even set gyms within their designs.

In Horacio Perry Lince Arquitectos we have designed and built offices implementing some of these concepts, since in Colombia it is also changing the way of working and companies are looking for this type of models.

Most recent examples:

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