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Awesome! 3D Print

3D printing is revolutionizing all sectors of the global industry and Architecture is no exception. We have researched different applications of this technology in our field and these are some examples that we have loved and we want to share them with our readers.

In this case 3D printing was used to make the model of the architectural proposal for this imposing project in China. This model efficiently recreates the intensity of the project and allows visualizing the scale, volume and design of the proposal.

Project: Chongqing Business Center Proposal

Architects: United Design Group

Location: Chongqing, China

In Provence, France, the company XtreeE was able to create by means of 3D printing and a complex technical process, to construct a column that supports the roof of a school designed by the Architect Marc Dalibard. Elements like these, can only be achieved thanks to this technology that allows to manufacture unique shapes.


Company: XtreeE

Architect: Marc Dalibard Société d’Architecture

Location: Provence, Francia

Year: 2017

Emerging Objects for Jinhai Lake Development developed a case study for a Resort in Beijing, China. The idea is to study the design and construction of this project, mixing methods of traditional construction and 3D printing with innovative materials such as a salt polymer, generating interesting and different spaces to the conventional.

Project: 3D Printed House 1.0

Company: Emerging Objects

Project Location: Beijing, China

Year: 2013

These examples show that 3D printing is increasingly used as a tool within architecture, not only for design and modeling but also for the construction itself.

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