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Extreme makeover - Total Remodeling

Last year we did one of the most radical apartment remodeling in our path. In a building of approximately 25 years old in Bogotá, we transformed this place that previously had closed spaces, a little dark corners, old and somewhat deteriorated finishes; In a modern apartment, spacious and illuminated and most important, that responds to what its inhabitants dreamed of.

The ladder was built completely from scratch. It did not exist in the original design. The previous way to go up to the second floor was by means of a "cat" staircase. We did all the structural studies to break the plate and to be able to connect the two floors by means of this important staircase that is anchored to a concrete wall constructed in site. The structure is in iron, glass railings and wooden steps.

The social area is at the end of the entrance hall. The living room is the central space located under the roof in the form of a vault that forms part of the initial construction and was highlighted by means of new lighting. On each side of the living room is a study and the dining room which connects with the kitchen. The chimney was constructed entirely new using the original duct. It is made of iron and the hearth has access to both the living room and the dining room. The concrete walls conform the spaces that were redistributed with respect to the initials and give a contemporary aspect to the apartment. This was one of the requirements of the owners.

Neutral colors and cold materials such as steel on the wall behind the stove and quartz stone on the counters were used in the kitchen, which makes it practical, functional and plays with the rest of the apartment's design.

On the second floor, there is a guest room and a large TV and study room leading out to a terrace that was completely remodeled. The original floor was lifted to replace it with deck, concrete slabs and natural grass. A BBQ area was built and gardens were planted around the perimeter. Also an iron and glass roof was builded anchored to the facade.

Currently the owners of this apartment live happily in the house they dreamed of.

Photos: Carlos Henao

Decoration: Stephanie Lacouture

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