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  • Fernada Perry

Creativity for "Creativa"

This year we designed and built the corporate offices for Creativa Producciones S.A. The new headquarters of this company required wide and practical spaces, a clear corporate identity and high technological specifications for managing a contact center of 100 people that operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. An austere, efficient and functional design was the result.

A generous and comfortable reception is the first contact point with both the visitors and the workers of the company. The neutral colors used in the floor, the walls and in the ample counter, highlight the corporate wall on the back. From this space the two main wings are detached: to the right the administrative zone and to the left the entrance to the contact center preceded by a lockers room so that the employees can leave their personal objects. In addition, at the entrance of this reception there is a "hidden" point for correspondence delivery and an entrance to a warehouse where the promotional material is stored, so that the offices remain perfectly organized all the time.

The administrative area is composed of operational workspaces, semi-open meeting rooms, two Directors Offices and in the back, the Manager´s Office. All this spaces were designed for dynamic teamwork. In the center there is a closed auditorium for training and at the end of the corridor there is a door with access to a terrace and a communal kitchen. Semi-exposed lighting and ceilings, play a very important role in the design not only in aesthetic but practical terms, as it takes advantage of the natural ventilation of the building that has LEED standards. The project has adequate lighting to work under the requirements of Retilab.

The Contact Center has the entire top plate structure at view. This gives an industrial touch to the space and also generates spaciousness and freshness, necessary sensations in this area where many people are concentrated. The "zig zag" lighting gives an interesting movement and allows what is normally a simple and boring space, to become a pleasant place for its users.

The technology used in this space complies with the most advanced systems and a very robust technical room to withstand the heavy work of this contact center that can not be disconnected for a minute.

Photos: Carlos Henao

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